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When you walk into your home, it should invite you in and make you want to stay for awhile. You should feel good when you come home. Sometimes that favorite chair does the trick. But pair it up with good lighting, a few accessories and the right colors on your wall, then your house turns into your home. That's what Blue Sky Interiors is all about. I want to help you make that your experience.

Colors can have positive and negative effects. That's important when you're deciding on a color particularly for your bedroom or kitchen. If you're one of those people who think "loving a color is one thing, living with it is another", there's a solution to that also.
Certain colors have calming effects, some can be irritating and some can make you happy! Colors can alter or enhance a space. Some can help you relax and rejuvenate at the same time. Generally, most people want the flow of colors in their home to be uplifting and calming. That's the Power of Color!

So what do you want your home's color scheme to say?

Blue Sky Interiors will help you decide on that color scheme. And after you have the final say, I'll do the painting also. I have clients who call me again and again because I make sure the job is done professionally. My interior painting also includes faux painting, plus I install wallpaper and I "de"wallpaper.

Whatever your home interior needs, give me a call and I'll schedule you in as soon as possible to give you a free quote. Call me at 319-241-3325.